Facility concept
Landmark to prepare tomorrow's Ginza into

Town, Ginza that valued tradition and dignity understood genuine good point, and they developed while taking breathing in the times when it was always new as place where customers for value like oneself gathered from the world.

While absorption, editing sends value and the future when the world is new from the start, through filter of premium sense of values like Ginza, Japan brings about various experiences and various interchange to person visiting here, and GINZA PLACE (Ginza place) facing 4, Ginza intersection in the center of town aims at base contributing to town planning of Ginza in the future.

  • The Ginza place appearance
  • The Ginza place appearance
Appearance design

Global assessment is high as appearance design architect, and profound knowledge to Japan appoints deep Kleine die Sam architects, too. With rise feeling of, elation symbolizing beautiful expression with the softness, gentleness that folkcraft has "FRETWORK" (openwork) in motif and developing Ginza was elegant, and aimed at design with individuality.

Kleine die Sam architects comment

Kleine die Sam

There is such a beauty to feel warmth brought on from depth of surface luster that is minute for white caliber (container) with FRETWORK openwork by thought and handwork of builder.

Building of GINZAPLACE expresses newness and technique deserving to be if it becomes new Landmark of intersection of Ginza and takes various thought entrusted this ground with and must be thing tying in the future.
We aimed at building which had such strength and warmth that lifted pure white container of openwork which we poured the times and delivered to the next times well with both hands.

Facade where hishikata of expression such as white porcelain continues expresses fineness and elegance by design which unhurried curves continue while being constitution by straight line, and building itself rises to at the same time.
If feeling is natural, it becomes light and wants to take a deep breath unintentionally. Become scenery of intersection where the middle of Ginza is the world's most comfortable. We designed with such thought.

Appearance design architect
Kleine die Sam architects
Multilingual office which deals with building, interior, design of plural fields such as installation. We are founded in Tokyo in 1991 by asutoriddo Kleine and mark die Sam. Global assessment is high, too, as for a lot of receiving a prize careers. They are active based in Tokyo, and novel idea and work are formed while being affected by high sensitivity for material and detail in utilization and manufacturing for Japanese special new thing and living environment of city changing consistently. Of the Orient and the West continue creating unique project in fresh viewpoint by taking in each when is superior.

Building concept

We regarded "quality of Ginza" as "genuine value" "tradition and advanced fusion" and aimed at comfortable construction to cause, Gokan of keyword of craftsman ship.

We put the main entrance at four orders eyes intersection and value connection with bustle of Ginza mainly on "just what" along Chuo-dori by arranging showroom with bustle.
In addition, it was the first-floor subway connection passage and escalator conducting wire under the ground and, as well as above ground part, planned the whole facility to customer so that it was open building which could make an excursion.
Furthermore, we install terrace in position of old headroom (100 shaku rules) on the seventh floor and plan cityscape and harmony of Ginza at the same time to be conscious of existing skyline.

Facility summary
Business owner
Sapporo real-estate development, tsu ゞ re shop
The location
5-8-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Approximately 645㎡
Facility name
GINZA PLACE (Ginza place)
Structure, scale
Steel-frame building, steel frame steel reinforced concrete construction are 11 stories above the ground and 2 stories underground
(in the Building Standard Act top, 12 stories above the ground and 2 stories underground)
Total floor area
Approximately 7,350㎡
Building height
Approximately 56m
Main uses
Exhibit space, product sales store, eating and drinking store
TAISEI Co., Ltd. first class construction person office
Appearance design
Kleine die Sam architects
TAISEI Co., Ltd.
CM, control
Opening of business day
Saturday, September 24, 2016