Restaurant & cafe
Restaurant & cafe

We direct space where warmth invited to home is felt and are French restaurant which can thoroughly enjoy delicate dishes by advertising production only by chef two stars.
Thierry Marx's original view of the world is born while following "tradition" which has been inherited as the history of French cuisine for a long time by adding "innovation" by new challenge.
Customer of man recommends wearing of jacket or shirt of utility clothes. Please refrain from entering a shop with light dress (short pants such as seven minutes length, shirt, sandals without collar).
Guide to dining should be customer who is higher than junior high student. As small child can use private room, please refer.

Business hours:
From 11:30 to 15:00 / from 18:00 to 22:00
The number of seats:
All 32 seats
Smoking section:
It is smoking permitted on terrace after full-scale non-smoking / dinnertime in shop
Private room:
Two private rooms (reservation is possible from four people to up to eight people)
Regular holiday:
On Sunday
15,000 yen ...
35,000 yen ...
Reservation is this