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9F [SPA Shop]
Japanese first to go out shop! Spa brand shop of "brilliant island" Sri Lanka.
We harmonized, and plant power brought up on tradition medical care Ayurveda of ancient Indian Sri Lanka proud of the history of 5,000 years and the brilliant earth was established in cause, 2009 of wish to want to spread art of natural beauty to draw skin original beauty, and to bring up in the world.
As for the advance to Japan which store is developed in nine countries of the world other than Sri Lankan own country, and becomes the tenth country, first "GINZA PLACE".

Body, skin care, aroma made based on policy of "the making of sustainable product which is kind to environment and society to feel nature to be, and to draw power that plant has to the maximum" can enjoy traditional view of the world of "brilliant island" Sri Lanka with spa product of 7 category approximately 100 items.
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From 11:00 to 20:00
Shop Topics
Shop topics
    • DS richuarusetto 7,000 yen (tax-excluded)

      DS richuarusetto 7,000 yen (tax-excluded)

    Tuesday, January 15 release DS richuarusetto

    Ease that is deep in heart with flavor of franc Kyn sense
    It releases body lotion, mist, "desutoresurichuarusetto" which bundled three points of bamu with a limitation of amount than death Torres series having favorable reception in herb blend of aroma to let heart loose on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.
    Oh, in Yul Veda, franc Kyn sense said to bring deep ease in heart is refreshing and solid and is fragrant.
    Furthermore, flavor to bring stillness in refreshing flavor of Tangerine and kafiaraimu and heart of Sandalwood fixes balance of cakra. It is aroma blend recommended for man for woman feeling business every day.

    [product contents]
    ・desutoresukamingubodiroshon 100 ml         
    ・100 ml of death Torres balancing essence mists        
    ・desutoresubaranshingubamu 8 g