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Shop information
Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza
6F [Gallery]
It is the photograph gallery sending pleasure of photograph, picture and new expression to with photographer.

Free can see exhibition which put photograph print and 4K-adaptive LCD television Bra beer, 4K-adaptive video projector together.
Business hours:
From 11:00 to 19:00
※When closing time is advanced at the time of the last day of the display and event holding, there is
Shop Topics
Shop topics

    2019/1/4 from Friday to Thursday, January 17
    From 11:00 to 19:00
    No charge for admission

    TAKASHI exhibition Mount Fuji
    Mount Fuji which photographers in Japan longed and prayed when even one step wanted to approach achievements of guide, and finder of several thousand tens of thousands of arrested. Please enjoy figure of Mount Fuji described in free idea not to be kept in translucent bright color, delicate contrast in monochrome, peace and calm Bruin comb Leeds with depth and existing model.